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Blog Post: Vixen's Birthday Countdown Is ON! 

Check out Vixen's latest #50DaystoVixenBday Blog Post...

Seriously, FB first thing in the morning before I even do my prayers, meditation, journaling-- my morning or for me my begin-the-day ritual?!?! Yeah, uh... NO!!! This has got to stop. It will stop. It is over. It is done. DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! Can you say addiction?! No more. How in the hell did I get round to this?! I do know, but still no excuse. Gotta change! The nerve! CLICK HERE to read entire blog post...



Last night (Aug 24) kicked off the REVOLVE 2014 Festival with the Opening Celebration at The Venue in Oakland, CA! I had the honor of sharing the stage with amazing artists from poets to comedians to musicians to storytellers to rap artists and more! 6 more days to go! Check out the full REVOLVE 2014 SCHEDULE!
Pictured: Venue Bathroom (self-portrait) "Distorted Mirror/bout to hit the stage")


Vixen Noir In the Studio! 

Check out this footage of Vixen in the studio with Master Engineer, David Hughes, at Shine On Studio and her producer, Kaylah Marin (behind the camera) working on the remix of the title track Dangerous which will be on her debut EP.