...Noir owns her soundscape in a masterful, attention-demanding fashion. It’s quality pop music.”

Brett David Stewart-Independent Spotlight

Vixen Noir

Vixen Noir is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, performance artist, producer and director of theatre, erotic cabaret and video. This multi-talented Artiste has wowed audiences from San Francisco to Sydney Australia with her powerful, in-your-face, sexy-as-hell brand of entertainment. She burst onto the music scene in 2013 with her debut single, Dangerous, to rave reviews from her fans whom she adoringly refer to as SupaStars! A self-proclaimed SupaStar herself, Vixen explains, “SupaStars live true to their hearts and souls no matter what! We don’t let anybody stand in our way, not even ourselves!” Vixen then dropped her follow up single, Lusty Lady, in 2014 and her debut EP, DANGEROUS, in 2015. As she steadfastly works on her 1st mixtape, currently titled, Rebirth of a Vixen, she’s kept it coming with the release of her pop-soul track Tightrope in 2016 and her latest single, dropped this past August 2017, the rock-inspired, hard-hitting MothaFucka!


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