Coming home late one night from work, I got off the bus only to run into this lil mothafucka on a BMX-type bike who decided it was then his mission to follow me and prey on me. He never said a word, just circled me on that damn bike and kept at it no matter what I did, including pretending I was on the phone with my boyfriend who was supposed to meet me, and now was on his way. At one point he got so close to me as he was riding by, I had to jump out of his way or else he would have hit me! I screamed at him, “What the fuck dude?! What the fuck do you want?! Leave me alone!!!” But nah, he was gearing up to make another round, and I knew in my heart, this next time he was gonna strike. But thank the Lawd, a cop car drove by and he took the fuck off like a speeding bullet! Guess he thought I was gonna stop the cop and point the finger at him. I didn’t. When he took off, I took off, running for the gate to my apartment complex, dragging all of my shit with me. I wasn’t letting go of nothing and I was loaded down with my computer, groceries, shoulder bag, backpack. When I got to the gate, he looked back and saw I hadn’t stopped the cops, and started riding towards me, fast! I’m like trembling trying to get the code punched in. I was so fucking scared! I got in the gate just in the nick of time. As soon as I closed it and turned around, there we were, face to face. He still didn’t say shit! I just kept running and hid myself in the farthest corner of a building, praying he didn’t get in and was looking for me. I stayed there for a good while, ‘til I heard this group of women walking by and called out to them for help. They gladly walked me to my apartment building and made sure I made it inside. I was traumatized, of course. Three days later, I was angry and wrote MothaFucka!

I dedicate MothaFucka to all of us who have been violated, victimized, abused— mentally, emotionally and/or physically. For me, MothaFucka is about taking back our power, reclaiming it and reveling in it, being our most powerful beautiful selves. Living LOUD and PROUD screaming at the oppressors, FUCK YOU MOTHAFUCKA!!! Two middle fingers blazing! When you wear or give the gift of a MothaFucka T-shirt, know that you are exemplifying and resonating empowerment, love, healing, affirmation, reclamation, and triumph! To ordera T-shirt, CLICK HERE!

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