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Passion is the 2nd single to be released from Vixen Noir’s forthcoming EP, Reborn! This Alternative-Pop-Dance track is inspired by Vixen's experiences on dance floors in Australia. "Those moments of stepping into a club or party and the DJ is killing it with some deep house shit and ain't nobody on the dance floor?! The music pulls me to the dance floor and pretty soon I'm transported to the realm of my ancestors. They come and we dance, we heal, we rise, we love, we rejuvenate, we freak, we fly! But there are those who don't get it, but they want to, so they come uninvited and get up in my space, trying to catch what I got; feel what I'm feeling. And then there are those who don't understand the depth of what's happening and want to stop it. So they come stand right where you're dancing, when there are so many other places to stand! Damn! Instead of you trying to take or stop my groove, how about I show you how you can get your own!" --Vixen Noir

Lyrics: Veronica C. Combs (Vixen Noir) Music Composer: Hermann Unterwurzacher Producer: Big Chris Flores/ Cover Art Photo/Design: Vixen Noir

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